Georgia: 6 Dagers Vandring i Svanetis Skoger


Denne turen gjennom Svanetis skoger tar deg med utenfor allfarvei i Zuruldi-kjeden. Turen går ikke innom noen av de kjente turistattraksjonene som f.eks landsbyen Ushguli, og vandreturen passer kanskje best til deg som har vært i Svaneti før, og vil unngå turister denne gangen.


DAY 1:

Arrival to Svaneti, Latali village Lakhushdi, check in recommended guesthouse Ecohouse Svaneti. Walk in around Latali, one of the most interesting communities in Upper Svaneti. Here are several very interesting medieval churches with frescoes. Get familiar to village life. Possible to participate in preparing dinner with the host family. Welcome dinner and rest before trekking.


DAY 2:

Svaneti forest trek starts in the morning. walking straight from the guesthouse up in mountains of Zuruldi range. Most trek leads through wild forests of Svaneti. After 4 hours of trekking group will approach abandoned village Heshkili with marvelous views. Now here functions guesthouse Heshkili huts. Here is wonderfull place for lunch brake. After break continue walk to village Ieli and final stop will be in Tsvirmi village, where dinner in guesthouse will wait for group. Sleep in Tsvirmi. Starting altitude 1350 m, Heshkili altitude: 1800 m, Tsvirmi altitude: 1900. Total distance 16 km.


DAY 3:

From Tsvirmi mud road leads to Ugviri pass, from where trail goes to Hadishi village. This is relatively easy day, as there are no major altitude changes. Hadishi village altitude is 2100m. Maximal altitude 2500m. Walking time 6 hours. Dinner and rest in the guesthouse.


DAY 4:

After breakfast radial trek to Hadishi glacier, from where river Hadishischala starts, in bottom of mount Tetnuldi. This will be wonderful opportunity to explore Hadishi valley. Total distance 14 km, time 6-7 hours. Dinner and rest in the guesthouse.

Day 5: Time to leave Hadishi and walk toward Mulakhi community, which lies on the bank of Mulkhura river. Walking time 6 hours. Starting altitude 2100, maximal 2500, and Mulakhi arround 1600 m. Dinner and rest in the guesthouse.


DAY 6:

This is also pretty easy day. Walk through Mulakhi community, one of the most beautiful communities of Svaneti. On the way visit village Lakhiri, where is biggest concentration of traditional Svan towers. Finally descent in Mestia. Walking time 6 hours. After walking is recommended to visit museum of history and ethnography of Mestia. Trekking starts at altitude 1650, maximal altitude is 1900 and Mestia altitude is 1400. Dinner and rest in the guesthouse. After dinner tourists can go out, guide will inform them in which restaurants are folk shows or songs.

This day is end of first part of trekking. If costumers wish they may finish trek in Mestia. Otherwise trek extends two days more.


Optional extended trek

DAY 7:

This will be really challenging day. Trek to Guli pass from Mestia and then down to village Mazeri in Bechocommunity. Maximal altitude here is 2900m then trail goes down to Mazeri, which is on altitude 1700m above the sea level. Rest and dinner in guesthouse.


DAY 8:

This will be relatively lighter day if travelers choose trek only until waterfall and pretty hard if trek will finish at Ushba glacier. Trek will take whole day, as total distance will be around 14 km, minimal altitude 1400-1600 meters and maximal 2200 meters in case of waterfall and 2700 in case of glacier. Part of the way can be done on the horse back also. If group will decide so, guide will be able to arrange it on the place.

After tour transfer by tourists demand to Mestia, Latali, or Zugdidi.